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Lorna Bode

I have always been interested in nature’s forms and shapes. As a child, fascinated by found objects, I collected shells, leaves, insects and mosses. I still find myself drawn to their colours, shapes and textures. When working with clay I feel connected to the earth and the plasticity of the clay allows me to endlessly reinvent and recreate the natural world in my work. Porcelain and bone china are my preferred clays because of their pure white brilliance and smoothness to the touch once fired. Living in Sitges, Spain for eight years rekindled my love of the sea and particularly the joy of scanning the shoreline for found objects. Recently my travels to Puerto Rico, the Maldives and Florida have led to my series of underground sea beds and coral forms.


Having taught modern languages in my first career, I transferred my classroom skills to teaching ceramics to both adults and children. (See classes) I am passionate about the value of clay as a medium to free up creativity and allow students to explore their own creative side.


I now live with my family in Oldland Common, Bristol and work out of Bath Artists Studios opposite Victoria Park.

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